How To Repair Your Search Engine Rankings

Repair your Search Engine Rankings

If your website has been hit by a Google penalty, the first, most important thing that you need to establish is why you’ve received the penalty in the first place.

In the main, there are two issues, low quality content, controlled by the Panda algorithm, low quality linking issues are managed by the Penguin algorithm.

You will also notice that the keywords you have used the most in your anchor text are the ones penalized the hardest. If you analyse your backlinks using you will see the search terms that are in your backlinks.


The Penguin algorithm requires text link density of less than 5%. Change the bulk of the keyword rich links for either Brand based links, URL variation links or ‘junk’ links in different permutations.

Brand link examples include your company name or the name of your website. Use different permutations of your website address for URL links.

Back-links from different IP addresses are vital for your linking efforts. Links are more powerful if they originate from domains with content related to your site. Aim to build links from other sites that have a good ‘trust’ score. Link from pages that have links pointing to them are more important than unlinked to pages. Links on pages that themselves have quality back-links are the best links to get.

Link Networks

You ought to avoid automated link networks because Google dislikes them and at some point you’re going to be penalized for making use of them.

It’s never been more important to focus on building only high quality backlinks from well trusts sites that carry relevant authority if your search engine optimization campaign is going to deliver results for you.

On-Page SEO

The optimum on-page keyword density for all of your website pages should be around 2 – 3%. An easy way to aid your search engine rankings is to add a link to an authority site from inside your site content. The best sites to link to are .gov and .edu sites. Unsure how to do this? Ask our leading SEO consultancy Deeho for help.

Your Web Content

High quality, well-written and genuinely unique content is the only content that you can publish on your site. Google Panda loves to see contextual linking from keywords within your content to other pages of your website, or to authority domain content pages.

Using Graphics

Graphics and videos are an effortless way to break up your text and a video will also help to boost the time that people spend on your page. Images within your page should contain unique ‘alt text’. If you have several images on a page then the alt text should be different for each.

Your site quality score will be affected should you have spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or bad punctuation. Make sure you use a spell checker on all your new website content before you publish it. As a rule, target around 500 words or more for every page of content that you write as this (according to CRWD) has been shown to be beneficial for search results.

Make your content as compelling as possible. You need your visitors to find your site content useful and to spend time absorbing it.

If real people like your content then you will rise in the rankings. Using different words that have similar meanings is a good practice, because Google can associate those keywords using latent semantic indexing (LSI). This allows you to write more natural sounding content without having to repeat your exact match primary search terms throughout your page.

Meta Data Tags

Make sure that all your pages contain unique meta-tags because if your tags are duplicated across several pages you will receive a ranking penalty. Write interesting meta descriptions that will encourage a lot more people to click through from search engines and you will see a ranking benefit.

Your site content

Google penalizes slow loading pages. Check that your website is fast enough using YSlow in Firefox. The site bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that hit the back button quickly. This number needs to be 55% or lower, otherwise your website will incur a ranking penalty.

The quality of your site content and the way you present it is vital to your ranking success, especially in Google. Need help? Ask Deeho, online marketing experts to show you how to restore your rankings.

Average Visitor

Increasing the quantity of pages that your visitors look at is a good way of boosting the quality score for your website content. Getting your visitors to click through to a second or third page on your site is beneficial for your search engine rankings.

Keeping your visitors on your site for as long as you can will assist your search engine rankings. Longer site visits indicate superior quality, relevant content.

If you are struggling to get the rankings that you want, as Hitchin search engine optimization agency SEO³ how they can help you to attract more high quality search traffic to your website.